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  • Wait, so what is Tencel?"
    We're so glad you want to understand the materials you use. Tencel is an environmentally friendly fiber made from sustainably harvested trees which go through a scientific and magical process to become a soft and breathable fabric. We have a handy little introduction to Tencel fiber and its benefits here.
  • What are the benefits of organic cotton?
    Traditional cotton uses copious amounts of pesticides which are toxic to agricultural workers and their surrounding ecosystems. Organic cotton goes through a certification process to ensure no pesticides and harmful agrochemicals are used in the growing process. Additionally, since cotton is a natural fiber it is biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle. Learn more about organic cotton here.
  • Who makes your fabrics?
    We work with an environmentally conscious fabric mill and print house in Indonesia. They only manufacture natural fibers digitally printed with non-toxic ink. They share our value of giving back to the community and participate in a local program to plant trees by the Citarum River, which has been highly polluted by the local industry, including textile production. Finally, they maintain safe and comfortable working conditions for their employees and work to support local Indonesian designers and companies. You can learn more about them on their website here.
  • How should I wash my Kaleidoscope Studio fabrics?
    For happy and healthy fabrics, we recommend a gentle machine cycle in cool water with non-chlorinated detergent and dry on low heat, or better yet, hang-dry if you can. Washing your fabrics in cold water and hang-drying them not only makes their color last longer and the fabric wear down less, it also uses drastically less energy. If you take good care of your handmade pieces you will be able to treasure them for a long time.
  • Why don’t you sell your fabrics online?
    We adore our local fabric and sewing stores and want to support them! Also, dealing with shipping individual orders is logistically complicated and we would rather spend that time coming up with more cool designs.
  • Can I use your fabrics for a commercial product?
    If you are a designer making a one-off custom piece for a client, we would love to have you use our fabrics and we would love to see what you came up with! If you are handmade shop making multiple products please contact us with some more information about your product/store for case-by-case approval. Our fabrics are not intended for commercial manufacturing. However, we do enjoy collaborating with other like-minded brands and have custom design services. Please reach out if you’d like to collaborate - we’d love to hear your ideas!
  • Can I use Kaleidoscope fabrics for kidswear?
    Our fabrics are not treated with flameproof chemicals and are therefore not legally intended for children or sleepwear.
  • How can I sell your fabric in my store?
    We are thrilled to hear you want to carry our fabrics in your store. To place wholesale orders you will need to make an online wholesale account with us. To create an account fill out our Wholesale Account Registration form and we will get back to you shortly. Please, see our Wholesale terms for all the details about being a wholesale partner. We can’t wait to hear from you!
  • Can I use images from Kaleidoscope Studio for my store/social media?
    You are free to use photos from our website for the promotion of our products as long as we are given credit. Please make sure you properly label/link/tag our creations.
  • Can I purchase exclusivity for a specific Kaleidoscope Studio design?
    Exclusivity cannot be purchased for designs in our lookbook, however, if you have a specific pattern you want exclusivity to, we can work with you to develop a new exclusive colorway. Additionally, we do have a line of designs that can be purchased with exclusivity. Last but not least, if you have an idea for a print design you absolutely have to bring to life we do offer custom design services. Learn more about our approach to collaboration and commissions here.
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